Your initial visit to Kelly Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, LLC will take approximately 45-60 minutes and will include evaluation by the Doctor.  The examination process will consist of:

1.  Registration  - you may download all of our registration forms in order to save some time in the office.  Two options are available: (a) Download and Print the Registration and History (b) complete the paper forms in our office.

  1. 2. History and Physical examination will consist of (1) neurological and orthopedic examinations to determine a clinical

diagnosis and. (2) assessment of your posture, muscle function, flexibility and spinal joint function.  If diagnostic imaging is indicated, you will be referred to a local facility for the study.

3.  Treatment - Treatments may include stretches, exercises, therapy modalities (electrical muscle stimulation, TENS, ultrasound), soft tissue relaxation techniques and spinal manipulation/adjustments (See "Techniques and Procedures").

4.  Home Instructions - We will discuss possible lifestyle changes, postural corrections or exercises you can perform to aid in your recovery. 

Office forms for download:  1)Registration and History  2)  Informed Consent Form  3)  Release of Records Form

Preparation for your Visit